Our Services



As a regional agency and distributor, we represent specific brands and products with 
in the furnishing industry. We offer tailored made representation and development strategies as well as distribution of various brands or products through our networks and partners.


From furniture solutions, accessories, lights, rugs, to finishings and alternative materials, we support on a range of offering based on your needs and requirements. Our aim is to provide the best solution available for residential, hospitality, offices, retail and health care projects, that are functional, high quality, creative and cost effective.

We offer curated solutions for the perfect furniture brand or manufacturer to materialize the true reflection of your needs and aesthetics or find out the best fit-out solution to enlighten your new space.


Our priority is to have an understanding of the project objectives and have clear perspective on how to satisfy the needs of our clients. Considering style, budget and timelines carefully during the analysis phase, we create the foundation for all the next steps.
It’s the insight we get during the analysis phase that will take us to the practical stage, where, after working hand in hand with our clients, we create bespoke and fixed furniture, define lighting, fabrics, accessories, carpets, floorings selections.


We offer high level technical support at the initial stages of any project. As FF&E specialists we are experts on how to manage the complexity of any project and create it into a reality through high quality materials, brands and products. Whether a furnishing selection, a custom-made realization, a bespoke lighting production as well as a fit-out work, we have the experience and expertise to offer bespoke support.

Therefore, we act as a project manager, overseeing every assignment and aim at improving your project and make it run smoothly.



Long before the actual installation occurs, we coordinate with contractors the main points and the need for specialist equipment. During the actual installation, we make sure to be personally there as experts, to supervise the activities of the staff anywhere you need work done.

We also have the capacity and expertise carry out the more demanding and strategic tasks.


We ensure that after completion assistance is utmost priority for all projects and our team of experts are personally involved in supporting our clients with aftercare service. We ensure that all post-completion work is carried out in a timely manner, as such efficiency in the completion of any project is greatly enhanced.